Gary McLean’s Seperation Agreement

Back in April Puyallup rid itself of its corrupt city manager Gary McLean.  Instead of being fired, McLean resigned his position and entered into a separation agreement.

Here is the agreement.

As you can see, McLean is prevented from making any disparaging remarks about the city or any councilmembers.  The councilmembers are prevented from making any disparaging remarks about him.

But, that doesn’t prevent us from blasting him.

Gary McLean is the main reason why the City of Puyallup is in such a financial mess.  His use of city money was atrocious.  He wasted $500,000 on a parking garage that never was discussed, much yet built.  He entered into futile ligation, including taking on the putt-putt guy and a councilmember.  McLean hid the city’s declining revenue from the public and some councilmembers. 

Not only did he not know how to manage money. he didn’t know how to manage people.  He was a dictator at city hall, using his position to power over employees and citizens.  He didn’t release public information when requested, he verbally attached citizens  who questioned him, and he did something, something that we will never know, that persuaded his most loyal council supporters to accept his resignation.

On April 7, 2010 the city of Puyallup became a better place to live.


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One response to “Gary McLean’s Seperation Agreement

  1. Dave Churchman

    The insane contract with Republic Parking typified the McLean era. Paying them 40 times what they collected made anyone question the honesty of the agreement (the contract cost nothing to cancel).
    However, a McLean legacy lives on at City Hall with the City Attorney. Words cannot describe her ethics and competence.

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