Puyallup Council ignorant of EEO law

At a July 27th Council Study Session, the council gave the headhunter hired to search for a new city manager direction as to what their requirements are for the permanent city manager at City Hall.  Councilmember Martineau read a statement from Councilmember Boyle, who was out of town on vacation, which stated that two of the final five candidates for the position should be women. Councilmember Martineau concurred with Boyle’s recommendation and added that the final five should include “diverse” candidates.  

The fact is, this is a clear violation of the EEO hiring practices law.  You cannot mandate quotas.  The question is: Did Martineau or Boyle know this?  Well, since it seems they didn’t, it is frightening that neither the HR Director nor the City Attorney corrected their statements.

Congrats to the headhunter who politely side-stepped the issue.  He explained that this was unlikely to occur as they wanted a city manager with experience and that the pool of candidates would not contain a significant number of qualified women or diverse applicants to meet these mandated requirements. 

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