Letter: Justice Not Served

Puyallup government has long been notorious for its shady real estate transactions, property tax scams and special treatment for “friends” of the council. But, when it comes to blocking the judicial process for the benefit of elected officials, this is a serious matter.

 Without too many boring details, a serious crime was committed against my property (burglary and vandalism, see police report here). Puyallup Police conducted an excellent thorough investigation and forwarded the evidence to the County Prosecutor. A County Prosecutor then evaluated the evidence and adjudicated whether a felony prosecution was viable. He then returned the case to the city for potential misdemeanor prosecution as a lesser charge.

 In Puyallup, a very special relationship between the City Attorney and the “Person of Interest” exists and resulted in the case being “buried”.  Due to this perceived Conflict of Interest, a request to move it to another municipality was submitted as is common practice, only to be denied by the City Attorney.  That is a disgrace and an outrage.  This same City Attorney was fired by Tacoma not long ago for similar bad judgment.

 When a City Mayor and City Attorney are “joined at the hip” such as this, justice is not served, it is perverted.

John Hopkins, District 1


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One response to “Letter: Justice Not Served

  1. Dave Churchman

    When the only person of interest refuses to take a polygraph, it makes even the most neutral of observers consider as to why ?

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