It’s only $25,000

Last week the City Council authorized the city to spend $25,000 to  hire a “head hunter” to find a new city manager.  This coming on the heels of the City’s Finance Director telling the council that they will be $5 million in debt for 2011 and that cutting services, raising taxes, or laying off employees are the Council’s only option.

So, why spend $25,000 the city doesn’t have?  That’s a good question.  The vote was 4-0-1, with Councilmember Knutsen abstaining and Councilmember Hansen and Councilmember Brouillet absent. 

All seven of the council members, as well as the numerous city employees, have praised interim city manager Ralph Dannenberg for his work as city manager.  Yet, some council members are hell bent on hiring someone else at a cost of up to $250,000.  $250,000 that the city doesn’t have.

So, why is it so important that Mr. Dannenberg be removed from his position?  Why should employees and citizens trust the council when they clearly cannot manage the city’s finances? 

Some of them will tell you it’s only $25,000?  We don’t know about you, but we don’t think when you spend $25,000 you don’t have it’s not a big deal.


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  1. Puyallup Budget Crises

    Many concerned citizens have come before the Puyallup City Counsel requesting counsel members to consider budget savings. To relocate the City Court to City Hall that could saved thousands of tax dollars in rent cost. Another suggested savings was not to provide funds to hire a search firm to find a new City manager. Especially since the interim City Manager was during an outstanding job. Several counsel members rejected that idea. Based on the what if concerns. What if the interim manager were to take and early retirement? What if the interim manager doesn’t want to take the job when his temporary contract expires? How about this one. What if the one you select after paying thousands of dollars for the search firm and a personal contract does a lousy job? Then leaves with a golden parachute like the last two city managers. One counsel member stated “ It’s time we think out of the box.” In order for one to think out of the box. One must be willing to get out of the political box, which many citizens feel has been excising in Puyallup for to many years. Further suggest that citizens be allowed freedom of speech without being gavel down. Many of our citizens have paid a heavy price for the right to speak 3 minutes on items that concern them, without being seen by some as criticism and gavel down.

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